We are a small stud and only breed a couple of times a year. All of our breeding dogs and bitches are our work dogs and are required to work both sheep and cattle in the paddock and in the yards. We keep the number of our dogs down to a level where they are all needed for work, this ensures that we are only breeding from proven dogs of the highest quality. Out of these litters we like to keep and train a couple of young dogs per year, they are generally kept until they are around 12 months of age and have had their basic training and done some practical work before they are sold. All our pups are vaccinated with C3 and are wormed every 2 weeks, we go to great lengths to socialize them well before they leave for their new homes. If you tell us what you require the dog for we are happy to take orders to make sure you have the opportunity of selecting the right breeding for your needs. If we are unable to help, we might be able to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Our motto is to bred quality not quantity.

Planned litters for 2017

Bauers Henti and Woollys Gooch     Due Mid May

Henti and Gooch are proven work dogs on both sheep and cattle, Henti is a strong bitch who will work all day. Gooch is good strong dog who will also work all day. This litter is due mid May still taking orders.

HentiWoollys Gooch


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Mist and Ulara Drift  Repeat Mating

Mist has been joined to Ulara Drift, full UK breeding this cross will be suited for sheep or cattle.Both are proven workers on sheep and cattle in the paddock and yards. This will be a repeat mating the first litter is proving to be a very good cross. Mist will be joined mid May and pups will be due mid July, I am still taking orders for this cross.


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Bauers Minnie and Woollys Gooch Repeat Mating Due July


Bauers Minnie has been joined to Woollys Gooch, both are proven work dogs on sheep and cattle and proven breeders. This is a repeat mating of this cross as they are proving to be a very good cross. Pups due July still taking male orders for this litter.

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