MIST 308369

Mist was imported from the UK at the same time as Rees, she has a long list of Champions through out her breeding. Both her parents work sheep and cattle on a Hill farm in Wales, as well as being very successful trialing at an International level. Mist is very much like her mother in work styles, she works both sheep and cattle. On cattle she shows no bark and bites nose, front foot and heel, she is a proven brood bitch with all her pups working. Mist is co-owned Jamie Sturrock of Craiglea Working Dogs . Like Rees, Mist is the foundation of our maternal line.


While Henti wasn’t the easiest pup to train, the extra work was well worth it. Henti is a very strong practical bitch, who specializes in moving larger mobs of sheep and cattle in the paddock. She is very quick to work out what job is being done and where and how she needs to be working, without any command from me. Henti will work in the yards but doesn’t back sheep. Working cattle she only bites the nose. Henti is my go to dog in difficult, long jobs.


Minnie is a very easy dog to have around and is a proven versatile and reliable work dog. She is eager to please, trainable, stylish and powerful with a tremendous amount of scope. Minnie is working well in all types of situations, cattle, sheep in the paddock and yards. She handles big mobs well as well as having the finesse to handle one or two sheep. On cattle she has no bark and bites nose, front foot and heel.