While Henti wasn’t the easiest pup to train, the extra work was well worth it. Henti is a very strong practical bitch, who specializes in moving larger mobs of sheep and cattle in the paddock. She is very quick to work out what job is being done and where and how she needs to be working, without any command from me. Henti will work in the yards but doesn’t back sheep. Working cattle she only bites the nose. Henti is my go to dog in difficult, long jobs.

 Bauers Martha A1203

Martha is a daughter of our main bitch Henti  by an outside dog Shep AU/355113. Martha is proving to be a good reliable, practical work dog, who has a good feel for stock. Martha also has great cover and a good amount of eye and only bites the nose like her Mother.

Reba  A1298

Reba is a new addition to our dogs, she goes back to the old lines we had when we first started with border collies. She is a very natural dog, with great cover, quite strength and will bite nose and heel.